Susan Nail 

After reading many reviews, I managed to book a semi-last minute appointment with Monique. Having been to numerous places for my brazilians, I can say that every esthetician has a different technique and Monique's is the best, in my opinion. First of all, she was totally ready to go for me by my scheduled appt time. Secondly, she finished the entire brazilian in less than 15 minutes! It was more like ten!! While I did notice that she missed a few areas, it was quite close to perfect. Plus she was able to educate and chit chat while she worked- now that's talent!

Most importantly , this was the closest to painless brazilian that I've ever had! Monique's magical breathing technique was one that I've never experienced before, but it certainly helped with the pain a lot. She took the time to explain that a few of my hairs were too short for the wax to adhere too, and to let it grow more next time.

She did , of course, try to push the sales, but this is kind of a necessary evil for estheticians. After all, girlfriend has bills to pay!

I am definitely re-booking at this EWC location.